Waxing Lyrics

Impressing the chicks

Please Just Help Me

I am stuck cleaning up a massive mess from last night and for some reason no one is helping me at all. Out of everyone in the house I would at least expect my fuck buddies Manchester to help a little bit. There is literally drinks spilled in every room and food crumbs tossed across every inch of my floor. It looks like my house was destroyed by a bunch of toddlers. In reality it just a bunch of messy, immature adults. This will be the last time anyone party’s at my house though because I am not cleaning up a mess like this alone again. Next time it will be at one of their homes so that way they know the struggle of picking up after a bunch of jerks. I will make sure to leave one hell of a mess to. One that takes up their entire damn house.

Where Will I go From Here?

I have been a widow now for several years and have just recently started to go on dates again. I still cannot see myself being in another relationship, so for now I just go out on dates with Leicester escorts. At least this way I do not have to commit to anything and I can always go home alone to my own place. The memories of my husband and I are still very vivid, so it’s best for my own sake to stay single for the time being. Even though everyone else thinks I should move on, I think that it would only ruin me and bring me down even further than I already am. So I guess for now I will continue doing what I am doing and see where it all leads me.

London is a mecca for business

London is the mecca of financial and business associations. Many tourists are in the city due to business meetings. When you’re in a foreign city, it’s important to take the time to relax and enjoy the city with escorts in London. Sure, you don’t know anyone other than your colleagues to go out and have a drink with, but you can use an agency to find a friend for the night or week. When enjoying the nightlife with escorts in London, you can see a different side of the city that you may not be able to see otherwise. Out of town Nottingham escorts know the best clubs, restaurants and attractions in the city. You’ll also find that great conversation and company. Hired these escorts each time you visit to ensure you have a good time.

Health 101

Health is one of the things some people tend to forge about theses days. It’s why most people have all these illness. Recently I have had health issues and I’ve tended to loose weight and I’ve done it and hand lost 23 pounds on two weeks and I’ve seen a big change in my health as far as breathing. Never knew loosing weight would help that much but it does. I’ve tried using a Nottingham escort agency a couple of times and it seems to relax the the entire body. I’ve been able to do more things I like doing by loosing weight. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Now I can do all the things I used to do. Health is the most important thing someone needs to watch out for. Good health means a longer life. Everyone wants that. My goal is to loose 125 pounds.

My Favorite Girl

Myself and two of my co-workers leave out of town for work for about 14 days straight. We wax store floors at night after they close and we work until about 8 o’clock in the morning. Then we head off to our own separate hotel rooms that we sleep in during the day and then get up and start all over again.

After about 7 or 8 days I usually call Mansfield escorts to come over and accompany me for dinner. I always make my arrangement ahead of time so that I can see my favorite girl. Her name is Shellie and she is so beautiful, funny, smart and has a great looking figure. We always end up flirting with each other right away and we are both very attracted to each other. At work the next night, I always have fun stories to talk about my exciting day with my favorite girl!

Anything’s Possible

It really happened. It did. And even now I can hardly believe it.

I was never really too confident about trying to score a date with Kara, but I guess I was just the only guy in all the school dumb enough to ignore my slim chance of gay sex dating our classes’ number one female beauty. To this day I don’t know why I didn’t rehearse something fancy to say when I asked her out. She’d just suddenly walked out right in front of me that day when school was letting out, and I had been so afraid of missing my moment that I’d blurted: “Say, Kara, there’s a movie playing this Friday that I’m going to go see. You wanna come with?”

She’d looked at me with those drop-dead-gorgeous blue eyes, grinned widely, and said: “Finally, someone’s asked me out! Sure, Alex, I’d love to.”
Then she just walked away.

Time For Tough Love

My husband and I are about to throw our 21 year old daughter out of the house if she does not change her ways soon. She has always been good and has not gotten into too much trouble but ever since she turned of age to drink it has been all down hill. She works a job as a bartender during the day and stays after work to drink until the bar closes.

She drives home and I am worried that she is going to get a drunk driving or hurt herself of someone else. I have been trying to get her to look for another job and she refuses because of the money. When she gets home at 3 in the morning she always sneaks a fuck buddy into her room. She is about to learn the hard way when she has no place to stay, it is about some time for tough love!

I Can’t Say I Miss Him

I don’t say I really miss my ex husband at all due to his angry nature, but I will say I do wonder what he is doing. I feel so badly about the breakup but how do you stay with someone that is constantly saying hateful things and doing everything in their power to stoop you down to their level? I tried very hard at first, but I started to feel so lifeless from fighting to keep us strong to long. I know he probably has a BBW fuck buddy now, and I just hope that maybe instead he will look for something more long term, maybe someone to take care of him. I know I couldn’t look past things, but maybe some woman will come along that can and they can build a beautiful life together.